I have completed the port to the i.MX RT1010.


See the following video:


I have started porting the firmware to NXP’s new i.MX RT1010 crossover processor, which features an ARM Cortex-M7 core running at 500MHz and a 32-bit Floating Point Unit. The i.MX RT1010 EVK development board features 16MB Flash memory, and I am now using a higher resolution 480 x 320 colour display.


Mandelbrot set2

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Test Version 1.0 of the firmware completed , featuring a large number of mathematical functions. The microcontroller is a Texas Instruments Cortex-M4F running at 120MHz with 1MB Flash memory and the display is a 320 x 240 GLCD.

Prototype Mandelbrot set1 Mandelbrot set2

See the following videos: